Shifting home can be a challenging task and if not planned properly, it can be a mammoth task! You have many things to manage – packing, shifting, unpacking, relocation of services, e.t.c in very short span of time. But in all this chaos many people forget that they have to leave the house clean.It helps to get your lease bond back for the house that you are vacating. Those who remember have two options: either to clean it themselves or to appoint a professional lease cleaning agency. Most of the people prefer to engaging an Lica Home Services for speedy and hassle free cleaning. But just appointing a cleaning agency does not mean that your the work is done. You still need to ensure that it is done perfectly, professionally and up to the standards.

So, at Lica Home Services we present 5 ways to ensure hassle-free end of lease cleaning:

  • Ask for all the operational details:

Before appointing an end of lease cleaning Brisbane agency, you must ask for all the operation details like: When will they start? How many resources will they allocate? How much time will they require? How will they clean the most difficult areas (bathrooms, toilets, etc.)? This will give you a clear idea about the level of professionalism that the lease cleaning agency follows.

  • Confirm the end of lease cleaning checklist:

Most of the vendors who conduct bond cleaning for your property also offer commercial carpet leaning in Brisbane. Some properties may actually require you to have your carpets professionally cleaned by like Lica Home Services. While they are cleaning the house, you need to check that all the critical areas are being covered. like: floors and carpets, mirrors, interior of cupboards, bathroom tiles, sinks, toilets, drains and fixtures, curtains and blinds, kitchen sinks, range-hoods and other appliances, etc.

  • Don’t miss checking the optional extras too:

While living in a well-furnished house, you must have enjoyed the optional extras.  Fridge, carpets, fly screens, plantation shutters are some of the add-ons you must check. You should let us know in advance that which particular area requires more attention and we will assist you accordingly.At Lica Home Services we make sure that we provide you an experience for lifetime. Hence a corporation is required from both sides. 

  • Always go with agencies offering service guarantee:

What if some part of the house gets missed by the Bond cleaning company you appointed for commercial cheap bond cleaning? Make this a rule to ensure that they are certified cleaners and also have service guarantee if anything gets missed. At Lica Home Services we are a certified organization which has an experience of many years in the same field. Also, we do provide 7 days of job guarantee for the work we do. Check our feed-backs and then you can go ahead with our services.

  • Be there during the final inspection:

Usually, the final inspection is conducted on the last day of tenancy. You should appoint professionals to make sure that the house is clean after vacating it.So make sure that you are present on the day of inspection.

By keeping these easy tips in mind, you can ensure you receive a hassle free end of lease cleaning Brisbane. It will also help you in getting your bond money back without any delay. Which is the best outcome you could wish for!

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